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Remember! Cheap "car shop" / eBay films are not the same as the products we sell. Cheaper films rip on application and colour fade over time, try some and see, but they are cheap for a reason.

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We are a hard working company. All our window tint films come with a lifetime warranty and are made by us, for us to sell to you.

All of our window tint film films are anti-scratch and anti-fade & come with application instructions. Our installation kits include application tools & our Online Video enabling you to tint your windows quickly and perfectly!



Purchase your vehicle tint directly off the roll, the price you see is the price you pay delivered!


3m Length - Ideal for small vehicles


6m Length - Ideal for medium & large vehicles


Charcoal 05

5% Shade
For customers who prefer a darker shade and do not want people to be able to look inside and see what's inside their cars.

This shade is commonly used by limousines or high end luxury vehicles. From inside, you can look outside clearly, but people cannot see you!


Charcoal 05


Charcoal 20

20% Shade
For customers who prefer a darker shade and want better protection from strangers.

This shade is commonly used my automotive manufacturers which is standard in most high end luxury vehicles.


Charcoal 20


Charcoal 35

35% Shade
For customers who prefer a lighter shade and want better protection from the sun.

This shade is great for dark coloured vehicles, creating a high end luxury look. This shade is for customers who want to reduce glare in the morning yet have a great view driving at night.


Charcoal 35


Charcoal 50

50% Shade
For customers who prefer a lighter shade and want good protection from the sun.

Charcoal 50


Auto Tint Applicator



We also stock & supply a wider range of auto tint by the roll - please   contact us   for prices


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Delivery to the mainland (England) included in the price - Delivery time 3-5 days - 24H service available on request. We have the right to refuse orders





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