Suppliers of Professional vehicle window tint to the Trade & Public


At VehicleTint we supply a wide range of professional car window tinting films. These can be purchased by the meter or by the roll.


Our specialised films are designed to reject up to 73% of solar heat & 99% of UV rays. This prevents a build up of heat in your vehicle and lessens the strain on your vehicles air conditioning system, thus improving fuel economy.


4 of our most popular selling tints              Available by the Roll


Privacy is a main factor in many people's decisions to have car window tinting film installed. It prevents people from the outside seeing in to the vehicle and in our opinion enhances the overall appearance of your vehicle.


Car window tinting film also helps holds broken and shattered glass together should an accident occur. also strengthening the glass for smash & grab incidents.


Our range of glass tint films can also be applied to mini-buses, coaches, trucks, boats & yachts.


Full installation instructions supplied


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